Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Reply - Shibazakura Garden, Himeji City

Somebody commented on the post on 10 September 2012, asking details about the exact location of that shibazakura garden in Himeji City. It was an anonymous request. Thank you so much for sending me your question. First of all, the best season to enjoy "lawn sakura" is towards the end of April, around 22-25 April. It blooms when sakura season ends. I hope your trip to Osaka this year will be fantastic, and you will manage to visit even this lovely place. Do let me know once you have been there. I will be glad to hear from you again. ( ^ _ ^ )

It is located at Yamasa Kamaboko Yumesenkan, Himeji, Hyogo. I think this phone number may be helpful: 0081 793351055.

There is this factory producing fish paste, and a nice souvenir shop, matcha ice cream. Matcha is green tea powder. I love it in various ways - in salt, in cakes.


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