Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Flowers In Japan

There are so many flowers in Japan. I must have taken 1000s of photos with superb flowers. In a country where arranging flowers became the art of ikebana, such a wide variety of flowers is less surprising though.

These are simple spring flowers.

Peony is 牡丹 botan.

アヤメ ayame:

Spider is kumo 蜘蛛 and of course in katakana as well.


  1. wow, you are a good fotographer - I find it very hard to take pictures of flowers and plants in general.

    Um, what is the Japanese name for the flower on pictures 10&11? I love that flower - it is a bit hard to plant and get blossoming the first time, though. But once you have it, it can live for 50 years - it is lovely :)

    Wish you a nice Sunday :)

    1. Thank you. :-) I used to have a Nikon that takes nice close-up pics. And I love flowers and plants. I was joking at some point that I would publish a book about flowers of Japan - I have taken 1000s of photos, all different species, too. I find it a country full of flowers.

      10 and 11 are peony flowers, yes? Then it is called "botan" in Japanese. It smells nice.

      I hope you are having a nice Sunday, too.