Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shirayuki - A White Horse In Tono Village, Iwate

A hot summer evening would invite watching a snowy film like Yuki ni negau koto 2005, having the English title “What the Snow Brings.” The cold Hokkaido sights may have a cooling effect. (^_^) The horses in the film reminded me of Shirayuki – White Snow – a horse I saw in Tono Village.

Tono Furusato Village in Tono City is a traditional farming village reconstructed as a sightseeing spot. This location is sometimes used for shooting dramas and movies. Visitors can participate to some activities, such as farming or making thinks out of bamboo. It is a place related to the folk legends published by Kunio Yanagita in 1910, a book which has become a Japanese folklore classic.

These are photos of Shirayuki:








Horses have had a special place in the Japanese society since ancient times. They used to be offered at shrines in the past.
And these are some images from the film I watched tonight.