Friday, November 29, 2013

Korakuen Garden, Okayama

Korakuen is a famous landscape garden in Okayama. It is one of the three most known gardens of Japan. The beautiful Okayama Castle is just nearby. On the day when I went there, I met nine couples of brides and grooms - all taking wedding photos in this superbly designed park. Just some photos for you to feel the atmosphere, and my apologies for a long gap in posting here. I know some of you are checking daily for updates. I will again post more often from now on. (*_*)

Moss is part of the Japanese culture. It is grown abundantly in many areas. Kokedera - the Moss Temple in Kyoto is a famous moss garden. 

Turtle symbolizes longevity and good luck. Sometimes they are represented in patterns composed of hexagons. 

Koi carps or nishikigoi decorate ponds and water gardens.


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