Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sakura And Spring Sights In Korakuen, Okayama


  1. um, some of the last Pictures look more like plums .. where I come from plums and cherry trees also Bloossom pretty much at the same time... but lovely it is :)

    To be honest I keep thinking: wow - all those cherry trees and all those blossoms - imagine how many cherry fruits there will be :)

    It is lovely, though. Here in Denmark it snowed Again today, so pictures like these look out of this World :)

    1. The flowers in the last photos are tiny - the size of a quarter of a nail. The season of plum flowers is gone by now.

      There are 100s of species of cherry trees. It is an awesome sight, and spring is the best season to visit Japan. However, cherry trees are usually fruitless in Japan. Cherries - sakuranbo - are scarce and extremely expensive. It's just decorative trees. Superb flowers, indeed.

      I love Denmark, visited it once.
      Have a warm Sunday!

    2. they are all fruitless?! Oh man, there goes my dream ;)

      I am originally from Bulgaria and we used to have cherry trees in our garden - huge trees that were lovely when they blossomed and then produced the best fruits ever!

      Anyway - nice pictures, I can imagine the sight when the Wind blows and it starts raining cherry petals :)

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    4. Yeps - Bulgaria has good climate for roses. There is a plain at the foot of the Balkan mountain range, called Kazanlyk plain - there the conditions are perfect for the oil rose - looks and smells heavenly ... but the oil is extremely expensive.

      Thank you for the offered oportunity - I will look you up on Facebook - you seem to know really a lot about Japan :)