Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sumo Sights Near Ryogoku, Tokyo

Ryogoku, the Sumo Town, is a district of Tokyo where there is the sumo stadium, as well as chanko restaurants. Chanko nabe is a dish eaten by sumo wrestlers.


  1. Hello. Have you been to Japan?
    How do you like Japan's this summer ? This summer, it is really really dangerous season and seriously hotter than hell I ever had.
    Sumo wrestlers are wearing so cool !

    1. Summers are hot and humid in Japan. However, there are some methods to keep the body cool and bear with it. Have a nice autumn season!

  2. Beautiful sky behind beautiful buildings :)

    You know, some of those pictures drive me crazy, because I always try to read what is on the signs and sooner or later I reach a kanji that I don't know, so I fail misserably :( ... learning Japanese is a sloooooow process

    wish a good day to you and a nice weekend ahead :)

    1. Yes, reading the kanji is the biggest challenge when it comes to studying Japanese.

      Hope you had a nice weekend too. Have a very good week ahead!
      You are a special friend, and some stamps are on their way. :-)