Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Biggest Aquarium In The World - Okinawa

It is in the Guinness World Records, 22.5m x 8.2m.

Here is the entrance of the museum:

In the garden:

It is sultry since the beginning of May, and there are several places to cool down for a while in vapours of cold water.

There are so many species of underwater life exhibited inside.

Nemo! :-)

Two clownfish below - they can absorb toxins from sea anemonies and use them as defence.

Zebra moray: 

The Guinness World Records Certificate says: "the world's largest aquarium window."

The window is 603mm thick.

Feeding time: 

The lionfish - it can inject lethal hemotoxins even through wetsuits. It has been considered the most venomous fish until recently.

Amethyst anthias - It is a blurred photo, yet their lovely pink colour stands out. Their video, together with plenty of other information, is on the official website of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.

There are lots of information regarding underwater life, as well as take-away educational materials.

In the exit area, some local sea-related legends are introduced to the public.

It takes at least a couple of hours to visit this large aquarium. Once in the area, it worths your visit.

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