Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quick Japanese Lesson - Chuui 注意 Caution!

It's the first new kanji I learnt in Japan. On the very first day, I took the subway and it was there, written on the door. Then, I have noticed it everywhere - even marked on the street.
Chuui 注意 means "attention" or "caution." Add the honorific of Chinese origin go- and the particle ni in front of it. Then, add any noun you consider appropriate.
For instance, doa ni gochuui. The message is always clear in Japan with the omnipresent drawings. "Pay attention to the door!" Otherwise, the crab will cut off your finger. :-)

Another classical example would be inu ni chuui - "beware of the dog."

Do you have a sweet tooth? Okashi tabesugi ni chuui - 食べ過ぎ tabesugi means "overeating" - "avoid eating too many sweets."
Fancy a trip to Australia? Kangaruu ni chuui.
There are many deer in Nara. Shika ni chuui.

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