Saturday, June 30, 2012

Umibudou - Sea Grapes From Okinawa

Umibudou 海ぶどう is a seaweed that can be found only in Okinawa. And the Philippines. It literally means "sea grapes" and looks like tiny grapes.

It is also called "green caviar" and it is eaten fresh, with vinegar, in a salad or simply as a snack.

They have a crunchy texture.

Being rare to find and yummy, the price is rather high and the quantity served reduced to a small piece. I loved its exquisite taste.


  1. Umibudo (Caulerpa lentillifera, Seagrapes) as a special seaweed, it is very high nutrition. It’s very good for health, used as salad and also can combine with sushi. Seagrapes also used as natural comestic, very good for skin.
    In Vietnam, we have ararosip farm, we have fresh seagrapes, salted seagrapes, dried seagrapes even seagrape powder.
    If any comments about seagrapes, please do not hesitate to contact via: or Number: +84-902860478 for more details.

    Yours sincerely!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment on Umibudo. It is very interesting to learn that it exists even in Vietnam. I apologize for a delay in replying to you - I have been on a trip abroad.

      Also, thank you for contact details. I will send you an email right away.

      Best wishes from me!

  2. Thanks, Nadia. Hope everything goes well with you.
    Enjoying with your abroad trip also!