Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ajisai Origami - Paper Hydrangea

I have received comments on yesterday's photos and topic, and since ajisai is a symbol of summer in Japan I made paper ajisai this afternoon. It is an easy pattern.

The art of folding paper is called origami 折り紙 - ori "folding" and kami "paper."
To make the hydrangea flower, we start with a square piece of paper, which we fold on both diagonals.

Then in the middle, like so:

Placing the colourful side inside, we fold the paper to form side squares.

The free parts are oriented downwards.

Next step:

Repeat on the four sides, and now the folded paper should look like this:

Turn it and fold as in the following photo:

Then open the petals:

It should look like this:

Ajisai pattern is common in summers, like on the yukata I received from a special friend. I am greatful for this beautiful present.

I cut the origami into 16 tiny squares and made a small ajisai, and a snail. :-)

Italian Polka by Rachmaninoff inspired me. Though it represents festive nature, it makes me hear drops of rain. And I associate rain with hydrangea. Anyway, it is a refreshing song on a hot summer day.

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