Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bridal Wear In Japan

Traditional Japanese wedding customs are called shinzen shiki, 神前式 "Shinto formula" - the three kanji mean: god, in front of, and formula/ceremony, respectively. The ceremony is held at a Shinto shrine.

The western style wedding has become popular as well.

Brides change their clothes three-five times. They first don the traditional white wear with the white hat/hood, called 綿帽子 wataboshi. Wata means cotton and boushi means hat/cap. Then a red kimono, and then the western white dress.

The white dresses look royal.

Sometimes brides wear even colourful dresses.

The traditional wedding kimono is always superb, and red/pink are preferred.

The Shinto wear, with the cap called wataboshi:

This is a daruma without eyes - 目無しだるま me-nashi-daruma. After buying it, people paint one eye while making a wish. When the wish comes true, the other eye is painted.

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