Saturday, July 21, 2012

Imari Porcelain

Imari is located in the northwestern part of the Kyushu island. It produces the famous Imari porcelain, imported massively in Europe in the 17th and 18th century. I have seen such Imari porcelain in several European museums, and even at the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

There are several types, cobalt blue with red and gold since older times, now even blue-and-white Imari.

Some photos taken in the charming locality Imari:

Such pots are placed in many gardens there:

There are very many shops selling a wide and beautiful collection of dishes in various shapes and sizes.

The distinctive local blue is superb.  

Plate with goldfish - koi, symbol of perseverance in adversity, and pine tree - symbol of longevity:

The walls are painted in white.

The streets are particularly narrow in Imari.

Magnifying glasses - average price 130-150 euro per piece, since the handles are priceless:

Imari clocks, and the Japanese plug in the background - an adaptor is necessary in Japan:

Flowery saucers:

Imari porcelain can be seen on the walls while strolling around:

I liked this crane and bought this tiny plate, about 12 euro.

It is impressive the attention to detail for each piece, and the beautiful drawings are wonderful. The mountains depicted below seem real.

The map of the locality placed at the entrance, made of porcelain of course:

And the local bridge:

The locality on a plate:

The entrance of the public rest room, adorned with Imari tiles:

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