Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bagus Indonesian Restaurant In Osaka

Kuidaore 食い倒れ is a concept related to Osaka food. 食い kui means eat, 倒れ taore means drop, collapse. It means roughly "eat till you drop" - Osaka is an epicuream city indeed.

Bagus means good, beautiful and "well done" in Indonesian.

The "bread" on the side of the plate is called kerupuk in Indonesian. It is a popular snack, deep fried. This kind of crackers is called ebisen in Japanese. Ebi means shrimps.

This fried rice is called yakimeshi.

The food is delicious, and the owner, Mr. Mulu, has created a nice place, decorated with traditional Indonesian objects and masks.

藤原さん, thank you for coming from another prefecture just to meet your friend's guest. It was a special meal and a nice memory of the few moments spent together at the restaurant. Best wishes from me!

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