Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dinner At Brasserie Verdemar, Hotel Alivila, Okinawa

I showed some photos taken in the halls of Hotel Nikko Alivila in the post on 21 September. There are nice restaurants inside that hotel, and one of them is called Brasserie Verdemar, which translates as "green sea."

It was pleasant viewing the sunset while enjoying a "western" dinner. Perfect service, and nice company. Do you remember, Masako-san? ( ^ _ ^ )

I was surprised to discover that food is such a favourite topic for discussions in Japan. There are so many dishes, and they all look beautiful and delicious - indeed worth talking about. 

The green seaweed is called umebudou, sea grapes - you may read about it in the post on 30 June.
Such a beautiful plate, like a lotus flower:

The pink "petal" on the side is a piece of ginger. It is sometimes pink in Japan and its taste seems different to me. Ginger is called shouga 生姜. And pickled ginger is called gari ガリ.

Mango sherbat:

I liked the apple paintings on the walls.

There are orchids everywhere in Okinawa. So many even inside the local airport.

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