Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ikebana Exhibition In Kobe Harborland And Flower Names

It is a shop near the Mosaic area of Kobe Harborland. There were so many flower arrangements in that shop, all of them superb.

Ikebana is also called 華道 kadou, the way of flowers. Each arrangement is a small universe and gives a different mood.

ケシの花 keshi no hana, poppy flowers:

あじさい ajisai, hydrangea, which I presented on 13 July and 14 July on the blog:

百合 yuri, lily:

The vases are also very beautiful.

Freesia is フリージア furi-jia.

Tulip is チューリップ chu-rippu.

椿 tsubaki, camellia:

ぶどう budou means grapes.

ハイビスカス haibisukasu, hibiscus:

コスモスの花 kosumosu no hana, cosmos flowers:

ガーベラ ga-bera, gerbera or African daisy:

ライラック rairakku, lilac:

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