Friday, August 31, 2012

Oshidori Hinabe, Chinese Hot Pot In Osaka

Oshidori Hinabe Restaurant is located near 天満橋 Tenmabashi Shopping Street in Osaka, the longest shopping street in Japan, about 3 km long. (天 ten mean heaven, 橋 hashi means bridge.)

Oshidori おしどり is Mandarin Duck, also written in kanji 鴛鴦. Oshidori Hinabe is a Chinese restaurant and a dish name. It is a Chinese hotpot with chicken, vegetables, mushrooms. Oshidori hinabe 鴛鴦火鍋 is also called Yuanyang hot pot.

Sometimes, customers cook their own meal in Japan. And in this yin-yang pot, there is one hot side, and one plain flavoured side - and the customers receive the ingredients on a separate plate, and put them in the base soup themselves.

nabe is hotpot. There are so many recipes of nabe in Japan, each area having a specific way of cooking nabe.

These were the ingredients for Oshidori Hinabe: tofu, meat, three types of mushrooms, vegetables, meat balls. The thin-and-long white mushrooms are called enoki, so delicious. On the left there are moyashi, soy sprouts, which I presented on 21 July on the blog.

I was told that this dish is a symbol of "good couple in long life" in Japan. A "good couple" is called oshidori fuufu おしどり夫婦 lovebirds. Similar to the name of the dish. :-)
Fuufu 夫婦 is couple, formed of 夫 husband and 婦 woman.

These Chinese noodles are called glass noodles, crystal noodles or cellophane noodles. They are added towards the end of the meal.

鴛鴦 火鍋 is Oshidori Hinabe, the name of the restaurant. (火 hi means fire.)

Inside the restaurant:

鳥 behind this bird is tori, meaning bird.

Dessert with sakuranbo さくらんぼ, the cherry fruit:

This is a typically Chinese sign of good fortune - you hang it upside down so that the luck could lay on you.

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