Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Northernmost Museum Of Japan, -10C, Hokkaido

It was so unique, and I remember about it with longing on such a hot summer day. The museum is located in Cape Soya 宗谷岬, Souya Misaki. It is the northernmost point of Hokkaido and of Japan. Although there is one small island 1 km away, which is the true northernmost point of Japan - it is called 弁天島Bentenjima. The last kanji 島 shima means island. Ten 天 in the middle means heaven.

There is a souvenir shop nearby, including a small museum of stuffed animals. I mean the taxidermy. Though it was the first time to view the exhibits on blocks of ice. I found it surprising.

In Japanese, swan is 白鳥 hakuchou, meaning white bird. How would a black swan be called? Kuroi hakuchou, "black white bird"? Interesting.

It was 4C outside.

The Monument of the Northernmost Point of Japan in the background:

The temperature inside the museum: -10.3 C.

The green pheasant is the national bird of Japan.

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