Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kobe Winery

Now that would be an out-of-place place to visit for a teetotaller. Yet I enjoyed a lot my visit there, and even found ume wine, delicious and alcohol content 5%. Ume means plum - it is the first tree that starts blooming at the beginning of a new year, before the sakura, and a symbol of spring season. Pickled plums are called umeboshi, made in June, and have remarkable medicinal qualities.

ワイン wain = wine



And the ume/plum wine:

And a nice message on the bottle: "We provide our wine with our pride and efforts, wishing it will make your life enjoyable."

I know only one word that can describe the taste of the wine - thank you, Masako-san!
さわやかな sawayakana = crisp, balmy, debonair

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