Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Original Job - "Hobby Adviser" In Japan

Though the hobby fairs in Japan display lots of upcoming games, gashapon and other things, and even the magazine HobbyJapan is all about manga and the like, I would say that Japanese women have excellent sewing skills. I like the patchwork quilts, and the handicrafts. There are of course the neighbours who take care of the flower area daily - cleaning and beautifying each and every place is an admirable hobby in Japan. There are many people who study foreign languages as a hobby. The purpose is to enjoy it, more than to become fluent. And in the neighbourhood, people gather every morning at 6:30am for Radio Taiso - the morning exercise. Even on the rainy days, some do. There are lots of creative solutions and art classes to relax in the free time. Visiting onsen once in a while is another delightful hobby.  

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