Monday, November 12, 2012

Rodin At Ohara Museum Of Art, Bikan Chiku

Kurashiki is located in Okayama Prefecture. Bikan Chiku area, which houses the Ohara Museum of Art and other beautiful, historical buildings, is one of the most important tourist spots in this prefecture. It is a unique cultural city in Japan.

The Ohara Museum of Art was built in 1930. It has a nice collection of Western paintings and sculptures. There is one Annunciation by El Greco, since the 17th century, and one Renoir, then Pissarro, Degas, Monet - Water Lilies, Gauguin, Modigliani, Picasso, Utrillo, Matisse. In other words, a treasure! Then, 100s of other paintings, lots of ceramics from around the world, some prints by Shiko Munakata, plus antiques from China, Egypt and Persia. It was the first collection of Western art permanently exhibited in Japan.

Today it is the 172th anniversary of Rodin. His museum in Paris is a must-see for everybody who visits the capital city of France. While France was fascinated by Japan in the 19th century, even Rodin was inspired for a series of sculptures by a Japanese dancer named Hanako. In 2007, there was an exhibition at the Rodin Museum in Paris for about five months: "Rodin - Le rêve japonais" (Rodin - The Japanese Dream). I could see some sculptures by Rodin in Japan, one even in Kobe. This is Rodin at the Ohara Museum of Art, and some photos taken in its garden. Taking photos inside the museum is forbidden, and the entrance fee is 1300 yen (about 13 euro). One visit is a relish for all the art lovers.

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