Friday, December 28, 2012

Japanese Room, Kangetsuen Hotel, Hokkaido

Since I mentioned Kangetsuen Ryokan Tokachigawa Hotel in Hokkaido in my previous post, and some of you have never seen a Japanese room, I will post some photos of a room there. Japanese room is called washitsu or nihonma and it means floor covered with tatami, sitting on cushions called zabuton, sleeping on mattresses called futon.

The "chair" is without legs, with just a cushion and a back rest.

The bedding - futon - is folded away during the day.

A dramatic sky from the window: 

Tatami flooring, a mat traditionally made of rice straw and in standard sizes:

Slippers are available everywhere, since the footwear must be taken off at the door quite everywhere in Japan. Though, four pairs for two ladies? Plus one pair inside the toilet, of course. That is always separate.

Tea and some cakes are always waiting in hotel rooms. This cake is filled with bean paste. Delicious! A dessert with bean paste may sound strange. Azuki are red beans used as a filling for Japanese sweets.

And this is the futon. I love sleeping in the traditional way, it is very comfortable.

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