Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kaitenzushi - Sushi-go-round

Kaitenzushi 回転寿司 is a sushi restaurant where the plates are placed on a conveyor belt that rotates and moves past every table. Kaiten means rotation. Customers can take whichever plate they want and can also place special orders, which are brought to the table by a toy Shinkansen - the bullet train. This one is the Kappazushi, found in several cities in Japan. Kappa is a legendary water creature in Japanese folklore.

Screen for special orders - orders are placed by touching the screen:

A toy Shinkansen immediately brings the special orders to the table.

Dessert, fruit, snacks, soups and others are available as well.

Inarizushi - fried tofu filled with sushi rice - is named after Inari, a Shinto god believed to like fried tofu.

The final bill is according to the number of plates and their colour.

Kazunoko is herring roe. It is expensive, about 15 euro/100 g. The cheaper one is imported from Denmark, a country that catches 13 times more herring than Japan.

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