Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bella Vista Sakaigahama, Onomichi, Japan

It is quoted as a 4.5 star hotel, with perfect ocean view and fantastic spa - about 320 euro/night for western room and 250 euro/night for a Japanese-style room, with futon. Futon is a kind of mattress spread directly on the floor. Superb experience, my favourite room. Prices are for two, and rooms measure 50 sq m. And there is the Hollywood type twin bed for about 560 euro/night, 100 sq m. Onomichi is in Hiroshima Prefecture.


This pipe scared me, it looks like a snake. I had seen signs saying "pay attention to the snakes" in Japan. So I went ( O|O ) for a few seconds. As for those signs, it is of course safe, rest assured.

Decoration with handbag:

There is a nice inner garden. Photos can be taken through the glass only, though.

It looks like some arms stretched upwards to me.

May is the azalea season, つつじ tsutsuji. Japan has beautiful flowers all year round. I enjoy studying names of flowers in Japanese.

It is an expensive view. Though, it can be enjoyed as an outing, without taking a room at the hotel. Bella Vista is the Italian for beautiful sight/view.


Tsuneishi is a big shipbuilding company in Japan.

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