Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Karatsu Royal Hotel, Saga Prefecture

It is a 3* hotel, and this is how it looks like. It is ranked 2nd among 10 hotels in the area. And it has a very good location. Karatsu Castle is just 3-minute walk.

It is written Daiwa Royal Hotels on the plate. Do you know Daiwa? 大和 dai-wa means big harmony. Wa, harmony, is deeply entrenched in the Japanese culture. However, the same kanji can be also read Yamato, which is the original name of Japan 2,600 years ago. It is a beautiful word.

The device below the alarm clock is for massage.

The shower may seem small. That is because the common bath - onsen type - is always there.

Everything required awaits tourists in the Japanese hotels, from toothbrush, comb, hair elastics to night wear. One can travel light in Japan.

Yes, it always comes with buttons and complex features, as you may know. (#^.^#)

Yu ゆ means hot water. It marks the place for public bath, onsen type. Sometimes it appears in kanji 湯.

I have seen such "bridal salons" in other hotels as well.

You can view more photos of Japanese bridal wear in the post on 27 July. Also, a Shinto wedding on 3 October.

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