Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shinto Wedding

It was interesting to watch the ceremony of a Shinto wedding in Kobe, for the first time. I have already showed some photos of bridal wear in Japan in a post on 27 July.

Shinto weddings used to be very popular in the past, more than 70% of all the weddings. Nowadays, the figure dropped to less than 20%. I know that the ritual is standard, based on the ceremony used in 1900 for the wedding of Crown Prince Yoshihito and Princess Sado.

Only the family members and the close friends participate. I like the wedding kimono.

The priest purifies the place.

This is a miko, shrine maiden - this was the topic of the post on 12 July.

A beautiful furisode, a kimono with long sleeves for unmarried women:

Friends sit on the right side.

The family members sit on the left side.

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