Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Takayama Festival

Yesterday I introduced a famous Takayama souvenir and also mentioned previous posts about this locality in Gifu Prefecture.

Takayama festival is held twice a year, in April and October. Yesterday and today the town was flooded with tourists who came to see the floats and enjoy the festival. Takayama Matsuri dates from the 16th century. The Spring Festival or Sanno Festival is held as a pray for good crops, and the Autumn one/Hachiman Festival is held to express gratitude for the crops. The floats are called yatai. The Yatai Kaikan can be visited all year round - it is located in the north of the city, about 20-minute walk from the station. And they are taken out in the streets only twice a year, during the festivals. Karakuri  puppet shows are designated as a national asset. Their strings are manipulated skillfully from inside the floats. 

Information on the float called Ebisutai, covered in 14 kg of gold - Cultural Asset.

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