Saturday, October 27, 2012

Italian Dinner With Magician, Osaka

There is an Izakaya called Happy Factory/Happy Koujou ハッピー工場. While having dinner, there is the option to call a magician at the table to entertain the customers. Yuji-san offered an unforgettable show. I have noticed him in a documentary on NHK World, so he must be quite well-known.

Izakaya is a casual place to drink after work in Japan, while having a bite to eat as well. "Happy Factory" is 1 minute from Ebisu station. Though I am a teetotaller, I enjoyed the meal and the magic show.

I know, my Italian viewers will consider the dishes different from the Italian cuisine. In Japan, foreign dishes are adapted to the local taste.

The Japanese potato salad is so delicious. Foreigners love it, so enjoy it when you visit Japan. And the Japanese mayonnaise is unanimously praised, as you may know.

You may call a magician at your table with a touch-screen ordering system.

It is forbidden to take photos during the magic performance. I remember how many things he took out of my friend's sleeve, and so many incredible tricks.

This happened without touching the fork and spoon.

I was flabbergasted. The best magic show I have ever seen. He slipped one card in the chest pocket, and I picked a card. Without touching the card in his shirt pocket, it changed colour from blue to red and it turned into the card I had picked. I still have that card received as a souvenir. すごい!

It is written 無料 muryou - free. And te-buru majikku - table magic.

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