Thursday, October 25, 2012

Playing Badminton At Age 82, Noda, Japan

Playing badminton with a team of ladies in their 70s and 80s is one of my special and dearest memories in Japan. As a teenager, it used to be my favourite sport. It was interesting to play it after a long gap. My friend had warned me: "you may lose" and I foolishly imagined my "few decades younger" is enough to boost my self-confidence. 20 minutes and I was out of breath. And they keep going for two hours, twice a week. Excellent habit! O.O

The most active lady in the photo below is 82 years old. She has had an operation recently, and soon after restarted her weekly schedule. It is impressive. You are a model for me, Iida-sama. I will always remember your peaceful face and kind smile. I wish you good health, and myself to reach this beautiful age and be as active and full of energy. Hats off!

The water bottles have cute hand-made "clothes."

Everybody takes off their shoes when entering a school in Japan. Slippers are always there to be used.

Today's topic reminds me of a Japanese film I liked. It is called Ping Pong ピンポン. There are actually three films having the same title. I mean the 2002 one. It portrays well a sportsman's life, and the determination to win is inspiring.

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